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Vol 6, No 2 (2011)
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5-7 180
The article informs about the history of the creation of the department for biotechnology and bionanotechnology. Data on the educational process and methodical work in the preparation of bachelors, masters and engineers are presented. Information on the achievements of the department in the field of postgraduate education, doctoral studies, on the place of the department in organizing graduation, on the planning of training, on the scientific and technological work in the field of biotechnology and bionanotechnology is given.
8-14 188
Stages of formation of the modern system of training of highly-skilled biotechnological personnel - specialists, bachelors, masters, graduate and doctoral students - at the department of Biotechnology and bionanotechnology of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology are reviewed. The scientific and methodological framework and methodology for biotechnology training were used in the development of the third generation of new State Educational Standards of Higher Professional Education in the direction 240700 Biotechnology (levels of training: bachelor and master).
15-36 179
This mini-review presents experimental data obtained by the authors in the context of a cycle of structural-functional research on bionanophotochrome bacteriorhodopsin carried out during the past 10 years. We reviewed the synthetic routes and structure-spectral parameters-properties relationship for a number of series of hybrid retinoid analogs and bacteriorhodopsin analogs based on them.
37-42 198
Glucocorticoid dexamethasone (DM) liposomes of various lipid compositions were obtained. DM was used in insoluble form and in water-soluble form as disodium salt of dexamethasone phosphate (DMP). Correspondence between the drug inclusion percent and the structure of liposomes, and its solubility in water was studied. Lipids were shown to allow DM solubilization at concentration exceeding its solubility in water 9.3 times. Using repeated gel-chromatography, release of medicinal substances from liposomes was determined for all the samples of liposomes containing both DМP and DM. It was thus shown that up to 87% of the included substance remained in the liposomes. Biocompatibility of «empty» liposomes and liposomes containing a glucocorticoid with rabbit eyeball tissues was studied after their endovitreal incorporation. Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine liposomes were demonstrated not to cause inflammatory reaction after introduction in this way. Distribution of the liposomes in tissues of the rabbit eye posterior chamber was determined. It was shown that the liposomes after endovitreal introduction were distributed in various layers of retina.
43-50 198
The surface electrokinetic and potentiometric acid-base properties of whole cells of the gram-negative bacteria - natural sensitive strain and mutant streptomycin-resistant strain of the obligate methylotrophic bacterium Methylophilus quaylei (M. quaylei MT and M. quaylei SM+) and of heterotrophic bacterium Stenotrophomonas maltophilia - in standard growth conditions and in the presence of oleic acid were studied. An ability of oleic acid to accelerate bacterial growth and adaptation of methylotrophic bacteria to the antibiotic stress was discovered. A mechanism of resistance to streptomycin is discussed.
51-57 148
The genes of nerve growth factor (NGF), brain neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and human neurotrophic factor 3 (NT-3) were cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli. Methods of purification and renaturation of the proneurotrophins were developed. It was shown that the recombinant pro-NGF, pro-BDNF and pro-NT-3 induce a differentiation of chicken dorsal root ganglia cell culture.
58-61 155
Methods for resolution (splitting) of racemic myo-inositol derivatives into optical antipods via formation of diastereomeric compounds with carbohydrates are reviewed.
62-65 150
The structures, properties and possibilities for biomedical applications of myo-inositol non-lipid derivatives are reviewed.
66-70 196
Routes of synthesizing 5-alkyl(aryl) derivatives of 1[H]-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxylic acids were studied. A novel efficient method of preparing such compounds by cyclization of bis-acylated oxalamidrazones was suggested.
71-80 167
In recent years, various approaches to the prodrug design on the basis of anti-HIV active nucleoside compounds used in the therapy are intensively investigated. In this paper, the principles of modifying this class of drugs by lipid substances allowing obtained conjugates to insert in natural lipid transport and metabolic pathways that can increase nucleoside agents bioavailability are described. Literature data associated with the research of the pronucleotide approach serving the purpose of increasing nucleoside drugs therapeutical efficacy and reducing the side effects on the organism are reviewed. Experimental data obtained by the authors in course of research of synthetic routes and properties of the new lipid-modified anti-HIV nucleosides are also presented.
81-85 177
A Boc-protocol for manual solid-phase synthesis of novel sequences of negatively charged oligomeric polyamide mimetics of nucleic acids with a regular structure of the pseudopeptide backbone based on L-glutamic acid and glycine and having various positions of the carbethoxyethyl moiety was developed. Conditions for their cleavage from polymeric carrier, isolation and structure confirmation are presented.


86-93 174
Computation method of the radiative heattransfer and free convection in the growth ampoule was suggested. It is based on numeric computation of two phase problem with unknown shape of interface. Computation was realized in two steps: on the first step heat transfer problem was solved, in which crystal/melt region was considered as one phase region with variable thermo physical properties, on the second step two phase problem was solved, in which thermal problem was solved in solid phase and thermal problem together with free convection problem in melt phase. Computations were carried out in the integrated development environment COMSOL Multiphysics 3.5.
94-97 184
The performance of a continuous bioreactor was theoretically analyzed for steady-state operation. The effect of substrate feed concentration and dilution rate was analyzed. Equations for estimation of productivity and of concentrations of the substrate and biomass were obtained.
98-103 186
Triple stratified systems equilibrium diagrams classification with account taken of different quantity of areas for both two- and three-phase stratification has been offered.
104-111 142
A method of Poincare index determination for a singular point corresponding to a 4-component azeotrope is proposed. The method is based on the equation of azeotropic relationship. 2-Dimensional diagram covering the 3-dimensional residue curve map as a surface is meant to be given originally.
112-118 171
A research facility and a technique for measuring the basic parameters of surface ionization of organic compounds were developed. For a series of organic compounds of nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, and arsenic the key parameters of surface ionization were determined.
119-125 144
Using definitions, concepts and the mathematical apparatus of linear algebra the basic regularities including the condition of azeotropy for the matrix of relative volatilities are considered in the paper.
126-137 152
Using modern methods of mathematical modeling the minimum reflux ratio values were calculated for the wide range of initial compositions for the zeotropic chloroform-benzene-toluene mixture in the absence of α=1 manifolds and for the case of rectification in the mode of the first class fractionalization. The form, shape and location of minimum reflux ration lines are represented on the diagram for the considered mixture and conditions. Some analytical and graphical peculiarities and regularities were revealed in the course of the calculation.

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