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Vol 7, No 6 (2012)
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3-21 262
This review provides information on the existing methods of lipid analysis. We describe the methods of extraction, separation and quantitative analysis of lipids, which include both well-known techniques and recent advances in analytical chemistry of lipid analysis.
22-26 211
Des f eral is a free iron ions blocker used for heart attacks and strokes treatment for more than 30 years. In several in vitro studies it was also shown that desferal concentrations of 15–100 mM cause shortage of iron in Chlamydia pneumoniae and Chlamydia trachomatis, affecting these bacteria growth and development. The main problems of this compound for treatment of chlamydia are its toxicity and low ability to pass through the cell membrane. In this research the in vitro toxicity and activity of desferal encapsulated in soybean phosphatidyl - choline liposomes were studied. It was demonstrated that the liposomal form of the chelator is less toxic and more active as compared to its solution.
27-31 174
Synthetic approaches to obtain diglycerides containing polyunsaturated fatty acids at C(2 ) position of glycerol were developed. These compounds can be used to generate antitumor lipids and enzymatically triggered liposomes .


32-40 209
Surfaces of potential energy of gas phase addition reactions of H2F2 and H2Cl2 molecules to acetylene and methyl acetylene molecules were examined. An ab initio calculation of H2F2 and H2Cl2 molecules was carried out. A non-empirical Hartree-Fock-Roothaan method, 6-31 ++G** basis, taking into account electronic correlation in MP2 approximation (Møller-Plesset 2nd order) and Gaussian–03 software were used. Reaction heats and activation energies were calculated. It was established that addition of H2F2 and H2Cl2 molecules to a methyl acetylene molecule according to Markovnikov’s rule with the formation of 2-fluoropropene and HF and 2-chloropropene and HCl respectively is more advantageous both kinetically and thermodynamically.
41-45 195
Possible basic types of applied one-dimensional linear boundary problems in problems of chemical kinetics, structures strength, aerohydroelasticity, and wave processes in continuous media are analyzed. A uniform definition of such problems based on three-parametrical formalization is formulated. With arbitrary topology problems as an example an algorithm of boundary problems solution alternative to both discrete and differential methods is suggested. Testing the algorithm with Krylov functions as an example and the problem of describing the deformation of a shell of revolution in the vicinity of a singular point are given.
46-50 211
Theoretical analysis of purification of substances from impurities by recrystallization with the use of evaporating crystallization for additional extraction of purified substances from mother solutions and regeneration of solvents was carried out. The influence of various technological parameters on the yield of products of separation and on power consumption was established.


51-55 219
Experimental and literature data were used to determine the effect of process temperature and the ratio of reactants on the composition of equilibrium mixtures formed in the liquid-phase exhaustive alkylation of toluene to propylene. Recommendations for с y menes production were given .
56-59 246
Methods of cresols obtaining and the main directions of their applications were analysed. It was concluded that the synthesis of cresols on the basis of cymenes is most perspective nowadays.
60-63 191
The article presents the results of studies on the effect of oil raw material electrocracking duration on the characteristics of the products formed. It is shown that an increase in the duration of the decomposition of the material leads to an increase in the concentration of acetylene in the gas, a higher content of aromatic hydrocarbons and the molecular weight of the liquid phase, a higher degree of structure of soot and reduction of its sorption characteristics.


64-68 199
A new method of synthesis of polyhedral metallaboranes [ MB9 H9 ] ( M = Ni , Pd ) with an apical metal atom was suggested . The method consists in a reaction between ((C6H5)4P)2[B9H9] and different metal complexes of Ni(I), Ni(II) and Pd(II) both in organic solutions and in solid state with mechanical activation. The obtained metallaboranes were described with IR, NMR spectral data and elemental analysis.
69-74 187
Data on the synthesis, IR-spectra, powder XRD studies as well as the results of quantum-chemical calculations for [Ln(AP)6]I3, [Ln(AP)6](ClO4)3 (Ln = Sc, Y, La–Nd, Sm–Lu; AP – antipyrine, C11H12N2O) are presented. It was demonstrated that coordination of the ligand takes place through an oxygen atom of the antipyrine carbonyl group. The calculated results (DFT/PBE/L11) are in good agreement with the experimental ones.


75-77 221
The optimal set of the properties of elastomeric glues can be achieved by the right ratio of components. The combined influence of resins, plasticizers and agents of tackiness on the properties of adhesive compositions was studied.
78-82 203
A complex approach to the choice of color masterbatches for rigid PVC compounds dyeing directly during high-speed extrusion is proposed in this paper. The data is shown to improve the thermal stability of rigid PVC compounds with new organosilicon modifiers. To evaluate the characteristics of pigment masterbatches it is suggested to use differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), which allow determining the thermal stability, structure and behavior of the pigment masterbatch upon heating. These results will allow creating a fundamental basis for the synthesis and development of new pigments and masterbatches, formulate the requirements for the characteristics and choice of masterbatches taking into account the formulation of the polymer composition.
83-87 200
In this work the problem of choosing time and temperature for the vulcanization of rubber mixtures is considered. In order to solve this task program MATLAB 7.0 was used. The program solves it as a type I differential equation of thermal conductivity by analytical method. The dependence of the change in temperature throughout the thickness of a plate from the heating and cooling of press forms-plates of a press is established. The temperature-time cycle cycle of the vulcanization for the manufacture of rubber-reinforced tracks was determined. During the research the vulcanization of real samples of rubber-reinforced tracks was performed. The results of physico-mechanical tests of rubbers of cured samples of rubber-reinforced tracks are in agreement with the characteristics for these rubbers established in the quality specification.
88-91 186
A new form of the potential energy of the interaction of atoms is suggested taking into account the possibility that they have several classes of equilibria. The oscillation of a proton in the three-minimum potential is considered. The results obtained can be applied to the study of structural transitions of the «order–disorder» type.
92-103 251
This article is dedicated to accumulation of local defects in the zone of forced elasticity before the front of a failure crack in polymers. The mechanism of microcavity formation in the crack and the mechanism of the break-up of loose junctions in the support framework were described. The kinetic equation of the break-up of loose junctions in the support framework was obtained, and the junction break-up time was calculated.
104-109 214
An analytical model of adhesion forces between the sides of a circular disk-shaped brittle failure crack has been proposed, the adhesion forces being determined by the distance between their sides.
110-112 158
New method for establishing the quantitative structure-property relationships of organic compounds represented as weighted molecular graphs is suggested. It is based on the selection of optimal weights of vertices of these graphs. Examples of application of this method are given.

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