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Vol 5, No 2 (2010)
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3-17 213
On the basis of statistical description the movement of relativistic particles without external forces is considered. The hydrodynamic form of the Dirac equation is suggested. The Lorentz invariant form of the non-local Alexeev equation (generalized Boltzmann equation) was obtained. These results lead to the possibility of construction of relativistic quantum hydrodynamics. This paper can also be considered as continuation of the known monograph (Boris V. Alexeev, Generalized Boltzmann Physical Kinetics. Elsevier. 2004).
18-22 195
The growth process and properties of CdZnTe single crystals of solid solutions was considered. A mathematical model of the process was built taking into account radiative heat transfer. An analytic form for calculating the view factor in different geometric configurations with axial symmetry was obtained.
23-25 203
In the article a number of chemical and physical processes with random stay time of of particles in the device are considered. On the basis of initial density of distribution of the value of the defining parameter in the particles entering in the device and of density of distribution of time of stay of particles in the device with the use of the kinetic equation of the process proceeding in the device densities of distribution of the defining parameter at the device outlet were obtained. For a cascade of devices density of distribution of probabilities of times of stay of particles in the device and the defining parameter were obtained.
26-32 188
A new representation of boundary-value problems for transfer equations of hyperbolic type is suggested: the method of Green's functions was developed. A new effect of heat-insulated moving boundary on the thermo-stressed state of a massive body is described.
33-36 179
A mathematical model for computing statistical properties of noise laser pulses in a medium with cubic nonlinearity and generation of free charge carriers is suggested. Statistical properties analysis was executed analytically and by Monte-Carlo method.


37-41 257
A study of the phase transition liquid-vapor allowed finding reasonable thermodynamic scales for the construction of generalized dependence of various properties.
42-45 223
The aim of this paper was to investigate the process of coating microspheres with Kollicoat MAE 100P film. In this study the influence of the main technological parameters of the coating process on the properties of coated microspheres was investigated. A mathematical model was developed using statistical methods of processing experimental data. This model allows calculating quantitatively the properties of coated microspheres on the basis of coating process parameters.
46-49 175
By the example of reversible parallel and consecutive reactions the possibility of using reagents and side products recycling in order to obtain high conversion and selectivity values was investigate.


50-54 156
Influence of additives to the crude product of coking on the properties of coke was studied. It was shown that an introduction of coke additives into the crude product of coking considerably affects the morphology of the resulting coke. (The average point of coke microstructure decreases by 22 - 30%).
55-58 198
A new diagnostic test-system based on the polymer microsphere - bioligand was developed for qualitative and semiquantitative analysis of morphine in human physiologic liquids by the latex agglutination method. The new reliable and quick method of analysis enables detecting morphine in human urine within 3-5 minutes without using any laboratory devices.
59-63 232
In this work results on computational modeling and calculating of the molecular and electronic structures of N,N`-bis(trimethylsiliyl)carbodiimide and of its N-methyl-substituted analog are presented. The possibility of synthesizing organosilicon oligomers based on N,N`-bis(trimethylsiliyl)carbodiimide without application of organochlorosilanes, with the use of organoalkoxy- and organoacyloxysilanes has been studied.


64-68 247
This paper reports the chromatographic properties of affinity resins in respect of protein antithrombin III. The capacity of resin Toyopearl AF-Heparin was found to be higher than that of resin of Heparin-Sepharose FF. Sorption was carried out by the batch method at room temperature and constant stirring. The specific activity of antithrombin III was estimated by the amidolytic method with the use of a chromogenic substrate. The obtained results can be used for the development of column chromatographic method of isolation of antithrombin III from human plasma.
69-72 249
A new technology of preparation of photographic gelatin was developed on the basis of an accessible homogeneous raw material containing a collagen. Photographic properties of the obtained gelatin were tested.
73-75 303
Properties of spherical amorphous nanoparticles loading with antituberculosis substance rifabutin are described. It was shown that rifabutin is loaded completely when content of the substance is 5% from the mass of carrier.
76-81 257
A method of obtaining capsules with coats based on chitosan and alginic acid calcium or barium salts containing phosphatidylcholine micelles is described. These capsules can be used to create oral drug delivery systems, means of vaccination, etc.
82-88 209
The paper presents the results of an investigation by SE-HPLC (size-exclusion HPLC) of the fractional composition of hydrolyzates of soy flour and isolated soy protein obtained under the action of proteolytic enzymes of different origin and of their multienzyme blends.
89-90 279
Mass spectra of octaethylporphyrines of cobalt, nickel, copper with electron ionization were obtained. Molecular ions with isotope peaks and the peaks formed by separation hydrogen atoms from porhyrins core have maximum intensity. Appearance energies of some ions from OEP copper and its ionization energy have been determined. Electron ionization mass spectra at temperature up to 4000C and mass spectra at energies of ionizing electrons from 70 to 20 eV have been obtained for OEP copper. Ionization energy of OEP copper is 6.8±0.2 eV. It was concluded that OEP of copper, nickel, and cobalt in the gas phase are stable at least until 3000C.
90-95 195
In this paper the associative analysis of terms' co-occurrences in the abstracts of scientific articles (more than 600 thousands publications) in the field of drug delivery system was used. The associations between 2358 biologically active chemicals were depicted as a network diagram (semantic network). In the diagram clusters were found, which included compounds similar either in chemical structure or in biological properties. Most of the members of a certain cluster were investigated in relation to the problems of drug delivery.

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