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Vol 1, No 4 (2006)
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5-28 63
Materials concerning synthesis and chemical modification of the bacteriochlorophyll a for 10-15 years past were collected in this review. Effectiveness of the bacteriochlorin derivatives usage in photodynamic therapy was discussed. Directional chemical modifications, which lead to increasing of stability, improvement of photophysic properties and creation of water-soluble photosensitizers were report.
29-32 43
A common synthetic procedure for the synthesis of (9Z,12Z)-18-hydroxy-9,12- octadecadienoic acid (18-HODE) and (9Z,12Z,15Z)-18-hydroxy-9,12,15- octadecatrienoic acid (18-HOTrE) – analogues of substrates of plant lipids oxygenation was developed. The synthetic route is based on formation of polyacetylenic precursors followed by stereoselective reduction of the triple bonds on Lindlar’s catalyst.
33-38 39
Synthesis of active derivatives of carbohydrates D-galactose and D-lactose and neoglycoconjugates on their basis is carried out. For receiving modified glycolipids the approach with use N-hydroxysuccinimide ethers of carbohydrates is offered.
39-43 29
A series of natural and novel aspartyl derivatives of histamine were obtained by the classical peptide chemistry methods in a solution. During the synthesis of Nacetylaspartylhistamine easy and spontaneously cyclization of the protected Ac-AspOBzl into succinimide derivative was observed even after one day storage.
44-49 41
Peculiarities of pheophorbide’s a behavior in conditions of photosensitized and dark oxidation of natural olefin limonene have been analyzed. It is shown that phaeophorbide a is the photosensitizer of limonene oxidation, but it does not act upon its dark oxidation and it does not interreact with peroxides. Although pheophorbide is spent in reactions with radicals formed under H2O2 catalyzed decomposition, and it forms complexes with compounds including zinc and cobalt
50-54 43
Quantum-mechanical calculations are the important tools for forecasting thermodynamical properties of new photosensitizers which allows to optimize essentially chemical synthesis in a number of chlorine derivatives. The calculations were carried out by means of the program MOPAC 7.0.
55-58 45
A convenient approach for synthesis of both neutral and cationic carbohydratebased amphiphiles has been elaborated. Compounds synthesized intended for target delivery of pharmaceutical substances into eukaryotic cells.
59-66 33
A new free glycomic database (Bacterial Carbohydrate Structure Database) was established. It contains data on the structure, bibliography, NMR spectra, biochemical and other properties of all bacterial carbohydrates reported before 2006. The paper describes the database architecture and interface and BCSDB structure encoding language.
67-70 32
Synthesis of meso-arylsubstituted porphyrins with hydrophobic long chain groups by using the dipyrromethanes method and monopyrrolic condensation is described. Data lypoporphyrins possess liquid crystalline properties and will be used to design supramolecular nanosized lipid assembles
71-75 40
The Vilsmeyer formylation reaction a of metallocomplexes of m- and p- methoxy-substituted tetraphenylporphyrins was investigated. Formyl derivatives of m-isomers were shown to form cyclization products not only in solutions but in solid state. Ability to such transformations decreases in a number Co>Cu>Ni>Pd>Pt.


76-85 39
The world oil shale resources and promising ways of their possible commercial utilization are discussed. It is shown, that oil shales are one of the most perspective alternative feedstock for fine chemical industry and motor fuels production, because of high hydrocarbons content.
86-91 65
Catalytic conversion of bioethanol to hydrocarbons is a new way for fuel components and other valued organic compounds production from non-petroleum sources. Varying structural parameters of HZSM-5 it is possible to produce selectively either aromatic hydrocarbons, either olefins and paraffins.

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