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New bacterial carbohydrate structure database (BCSDB)

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A new free glycomic database (Bacterial Carbohydrate Structure Database) was established. It contains data on the structure, bibliography, NMR spectra, biochemical and other properties of all bacterial carbohydrates reported before 2006. The paper describes the database architecture and interface and BCSDB structure encoding language.

About the Authors

F. V. Toukach
Институт Органической Химии им. Н.Д. Зелинского РАН
Russian Federation

I. S. Bushmarinov
Высший Химический Колледж РАН
Russian Federation

Y. A. Knirel
Институт Органической Химии им. Н.Д. Зелинского РАН
Russian Federation


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For citation:

Toukach F.V., Bushmarinov I.S., Knirel Y.A. New bacterial carbohydrate structure database (BCSDB). Fine Chemical Technologies. 2006;1(4):59-66. (In Russ.)

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