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Vol 3, No 2 (2008)
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3-23 155
The review gives some characteristics and methods of determination of microbiological damages of materials (adhesion, growing of microbe cells and changing of material properties under the action of microorganisms). These methods and characteristics give quantitative estimation of damages process. Authors of paper gave new method of microbiological damages investigation. This investigation is including several microbiological, chemical, biochemical and mechanical methods. It was shown that this complex of methods are very effective in case of investigation of material samples damages.
24-29 122
The analysis of defects of the ways for burial of solid waiste and tecnologies of incinerations, combustion of solid waiste used in our country is represented. The concept of Universal Biokompleks is offered for the purpose of ecological and есоnomic optimization of these ways.
30-34 124
The development grade of biotechnological branch is varies significantly according to every different branch direction. One of such direction is the market of ecology related biotechnological developments, which was monitored using marketing research in 2002- 2006.
35-38 156
In work the most modern and demanded in the industry ways of produsing of technologically and ecologically safe nitrogen containing mineral fertilizers are presented. This manufacture of Calcium -ammonium nitrate (CAN), supergranulated carbamide for intrasoil entering and effective fertilizers mixturing, capsulated NK, NS, NPK fertilizers with adjustable allocation of target components, etc.


39-41 148
Are obtained the experimental dependences of the pressure of the saturated vapor on the temperature for the clean of dimethylsulfoxide and perfluorinebenzene in the range of temperatures, that corresponds to extractive rectification under the atmospheric pressure.
42-46 117
The new technique of contact crystallization with using of cooled solvent has been proposed and theoretically analyzed. This technique allows to exclude contamination of separated products by coolants and to simplify its instrumentation.
47-54 187
The questions of Distillation Process and Reactive Distillation Process into inert stream are considered.
55-63 132
Optimization of power supply level of a two-unit rectification column on preproject stage of development unit of division indissolubly is connected to used process computation variant, which the certain set of explanatory variables answers. In clause production of entropy is considered as criterion of an optimal arrangement of power supply at rectification of binary mixes various nature. The analysis of entropy production is carried out at design and verifying variants.
64-67 125
The temperature change along trajectories of process of open equilibrium condensation is investigated. The equation of temperature dependence along a trajectory of the open equilibrium condensation, similar to Schreinemakers`rule is received.
68-73 185
Complete conditions for the validity of Konovalov's first law in binary ideal and not ideal two-phase systems are found.


74-78 137
Synthesis of 1,2-di-(11,13-tetradecadienoyl)-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine and 1,2-di- (2,4-hexadienoyl)-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine, containing terminal polymerizable diene groups has been carried out. It is supposed that using of synthesized phosphorlipids mixtures followed by their polymerization will lead to formation of stable nanoparticles – bicelles, which will be capable to exist in a wide range of concentration of mixed components and resistant to organic solvents action.
79-82 168
The complex oxidative processes taking place in fat-containing products – pastes – during storage are defined by their multiple compositions. Secondary products of oxidation determined by the standard chemical method from the acid number value of the fat can react with various organic substances of pastes. Character of oxidative processes essentially depends on a state of foodstuff as heterogeneous disperse system.
83-87 153
The optimized method of reception of the dry cleared extract from leaves Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni with the high contents steviozid is offered. Physical and chemical properties of the dry cleared extract Stevia are investigated.
88-93 127
The relationship "structure – property" of the bacteriochlorofyll a derivatives has been investigated. The prognostic procedure of thermodynamic and spectral characteristics for group of these compounds has been offered.


94-98 148
This article is devoted method of synthesis and study of the properties of (±)-trans-2- dialkylaminoethylaminocyclohexahols. It was found that the studied compounds are not toxic and have expressed antiarrhythmic properties. It was found that the explored compounds are low-toxicity substances having pronounced antiarrhythmic properties.
99-106 126
The article deals with the study of the types of reference and definite descriptions. The use of definite and indefinite reference is considered. The term «definite descriptions» is interpreted. The attributive and referential use of definite descriptions is discriminated.
107-110 113
The article describes some potentialities of the communicative process of students and types of discurcive speech. The author analyses the tasks and purposes confronting a foreign language teacher in training research workers.
111-112 162
The effect of primary aliphatic amine structure and conditions (solvent, the presence of tertiary amine) in course of its reaction with pheophorbide a and methylpheophorbide a on the yield of the final product – chlorine е6-13-alkylamide has been shown.

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