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Vol 9, No 2 (2014)
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3-31 303
By now the pegylation of biologically active molecules including proteins with an inert hydrophilic polymer polyethylene glycol (PEG) is an important area in the new generation of prolonged-action pharmaceutical preparations. The conjugated molecules usually have an improved pharmacokinetic profile, including reduced renal clearance, additional protection from the proteolytic enzymes and reduced immunogenicity, thus preserving the in vivo activity of the native preparation in the human body for a longer time. This review is focused on the example of the pegylation of recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) and gives the opportunity to have a look at different ways of pegylation and the mechanism of this reaction. Besides, the review describes the different types of reactive PEG for the specific conjugation to biological molecules and benefits and disadvantages of these reagents.
32-36 314
Some existing methodologies for quantitative estimation of guanidine hydrochloride during the analysis of various samples were described. Their shortcomings impeding the implementation of the control of the monomer in the pharmaceutical substance were identified. A method for quantitative determination of guanidine hydrochloride in pharmaceutical substance “branched oligo(hexamethyleneguanidine) hydrochloride” by high performance liquid chromatography was developed. The method was validated to standardize the substance by the parameter “impurity compounds”.
37-45 304
The aim of this work was to search for and study new phytopreparations based on natural plant materials (medicinal plants) that are necessary for effective litholysis of oxalate stones in patients with urolithiasis. New phytomedications were proposed and studied in which litholytic action is due to the presence of certain combinations of flavonoids and some other types of biologically active substances. In a study carried out to obtain total extracts of natural flavonoids from several medicinal plants obtained and studied litholytic properties of new pharmaceutical compositions together with previously known herbal remedies. The effectiveness of the new phytopreparations demonstrated by native oxalate calculi different composition isolated from patients with urolithiasis after surgical management.


46-52 320
Quantum solitons are discovered with the help of generalized quantum hydrodynamics. The solitons have the character of the stable quantum objects in the self consistent electric field. The theory leads to solitons as typical formations in the generalized quantum hydrodynamics. The self-consistent theory of plasmoids cannot be constructed in the frame of local physics. Particularly these effects can be considered as explanation of the existence of the stable plasmoids, lightning balls and atoms with the separated electronic shell and the positive kernel. Three well known catastrophes (Tunguska explosion, Gagarin catastrophe, accident with Malaysia Airlines flight MH370) have the same physical origin – plasmoid appearance in the Earth atmosphere.
53-79 239
The theory of the charge – spin interaction in waves in the frame of non-local quantum hydrodynamics is considered. The electron charge inner structure is investigated using the non-local physical description. From calculations follow that electrons can be considered like charged balls (shortly CB model) which charges are concentrated mainly in the shell of these balls. The possible direction deviation of the spin momentum and the magnetic momentum is taken into account.
80-86 228
The paper analyzes the communication matrix coefficients reagiruemostey simple subsystems and the coefficient matrix formed independent subsystems simple reagents chemically reacting systems with chemical kinetics. He showed that the coefficient matrix and the matrix of coefficients reagiruemostey formed independent reagents simple subsystems have the following Items supplied: symmetry; reagiruemostey coefficient matrix in the second subsystem is the sum of simple and symmetric nonnegative definite matrices, at least one of which is positive definite, due to different mechanisms of chemical reactions. Also property of these matrices simple subsystems as matrices susceptibility is positive definiteness of these matrices. The symmetry of these positive- definite matrices follows from the principle of independence stages kinetic mechanism of chemical transformations. Under such constraints matrix corresponds to the general features of the kinetic mechanism of chemical transformations. The paper shows that when comparing potentially streaming method of modeling chemical reactions in a closed system of chemically reacting with traditional chemical kinetics of these two methods are equivalent. Proposed potentially streaming method is preferred in the absence of the detailed mechanism of complex chemically reacting systems. If the total kinetic information is not available, it is preferable to use the proposed potentially streaming method agreed with the non-equilibrium thermodynamics.
94-98 233
Influence of heat-mass transfer velocities of separate steps on efficiency of plates of distillation columns is analysed. Rate-controlling steps are brought out. The quantitative assessment of internal energy saving in distillation column is suggested.


99-103 330
Increasing environmental regulations according to the content of toxic volatile sulfur impurities in fuel oil requires improvement existing and development of new absorbers and ways of their application. The results of the study of oxidative demercaptanization of model mixtures containing hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen sulfide/ethyl mercaptan in the presence of metal complex catalysts are shown. It is established that the required degree of purification (conversion of hydrogen sulphide) is achieved at a ratio of kt/H2S=1.5, which is much lower than required when using scavenger. Experiments carried out at the refinery of "TAIF-NK" to remove hydrogen sulfide from fuel oil have shown the efficiency close to that obtained in experiments on model compounds. These catalysts are also effective in conversion of light mercaptans of fuel oil. Irreversible nature of transformation of hydrogen sulfide and thiols into nontoxical forms and no negative impact on the properties of the final product of this method is established.


104-111 239
The paper contains the procedure of performing and the algorithm of processing the results of comparative tests conducted in petroleum laboratories of the Russian Defense Ministry. Presented herewith is an example of calculations made during attestation of samples for the purpose of control and evaluation of quality of test results obtained in the course of inter-laboratory comparative tests.

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