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Vol 9, No 4 (2014)
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3-26 175
Lipoxygenases (LOX) form a heterogeneous family of lipid peroxidizing enzymes, which have been implicated in the synthesis of inflammatory mediators. The involvement of LOX isoenzymes in regulation of physiological homeostasis and pathogenesis of various diseases with major health and political relevance made them potential targets for pharmacological intervention. Although the first plant lipoxygenase (soybean LOX1) was discovered more than 60 years ago, the structural aspects of these enzymes were not studied until the mid 1990s. For the time being the crystal structures of various lipoxygenase-isoforms have been reported, and X-ray coordinates for numerous enzyme-ligand complexes are also available. This review focuses on recent developments in molecular enzymology of LOX and summarizes our current knowledge on the structural basis of LOX catalysis. Hypotheses explaining the reaction specificity of different isoforms as well as evolutionary aspects are reviewed and discussed. As the review is mainly intended to cover thematic priorities, which have not been reviewed in the past, a detailed discussion of the biological function of LOX goes beyond the scope of this review.
27-33 244
The production of biopharmaceutical proteins by means of Escherichia coli cultivation leads to contamination with bacterial endotoxins which are very toxic and pyrogenic impurities. The final product purification from these impurities is one of the most important tasks in the production of biopharmaceutical drugs. However, isolation of proteins from cellular biomass results in the formation of strong endotoxin-protein complexes that considerably complicate the task of obtaining pharmaceutical safely drugs. The goal of the present mini-review consisted in considering and discussing effective methods of removing bacterial endotoxins from protein solutions on the basis of their chemical and biological properties.


34-41 189
The theoretical analysis of the efficiency of using the semi-cyclic mode in a screw crystallization column was made. It is shown that the semi-cyclic operating mode of a column provides a higher extent of extraction of a lowmelting component than the stationary mode depending on the intensity of longitudinal mixing and on the mass exchange factor.
42-44 180
The pelletizing process in plate granulators with the use of “fattening” technology has been investigated. A mathematical description of various process versions including pellet nucleation and their fragmentation is presented.
45-55 200
The role of the Euler characteristic inconfirmation of two independent forms of azeotropy rule and in studyingof spheres, simplexes and complexes of any dimension was shown. The Euler characteristic was considered as an alternative sum of simplex or complex elements and as the algebraic sum of topological indices of singular points on the sphere.


56-58 159
Pastes obtained by the electrocracking of raw hydrocarbons can be used as the basis for coke. Comparison of values of physico-chemical characteristics of cokes obtained from their pastes with similar industrial oil coke showed that cokes produced by pastes electrocracking comply with the requirements for coke brands KNG, KZG, KNA, KZO. This allows assuming that cokes obtained by the coking of electrocracking pastes can be used in the aluminum industry, as well as in the manufacture of abrasives and graphite products.
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Transformation of medium-chain alkanes in the disintegrator DA-1 under treatment of single impulse of hydrodynamic cavitation has been studied. Cavitation appears when hydrocarbons pass through the micro-gap with controlled cross-section under high pressure. 5% solution of solid paraffin (alkanes C21–C38) in n-dodecane and two oil samples were used as objects of research. The first sample is partially stripped bituminous oil from Khosedauskoe field of Republic of Komi with paraffin content 0.5%wt. The second sample is mixture of above mentioned oil and paraffin with total concentration of the latter in this oil sample 6.5 %wt


70-72 162
In this paper, we investigate the possibility of using gas mixer precursor for MOCVD to get sharper heterojunctions InxGa1-xAs, InxGa1-xAs и InxAl1-xAs. Nanolayers of that compositions are using in creations of quantum well devices like avalanche photodiode, QWIPs and so on.This devices needs sharp heterojunctions. For this purpose we used numerical studies of momentum and mass transport equations. 3D model of mixer was built in COMSOL Multiphysics. Results shows three streams: two peripheral and wide central. The shape and behavior was found independent from studying pressure ranges. That leads to applications of such gas mixer for vertical reactors of MOCVD but not for horizontal reactors.
73-79 215
Polyelectrolyte microcapsules composed of CaCO3-core and shell polydiallyldimethylammonium polistirolsufonatpolystyrenesulfonate, were obtained by Layer-by-Layer-method. They were modified with nanoscale titanium dioxide with rutile structure and commercial Degussa P25 and Hombikat UV-100. Besides it has been shown that the sample Hombikat UV-100 is better included in the capsule shell because of a largerspecific surface area and the presence of hydrated component in composition of sample. Resistance to UVradiation was tested on the capsules modified with Degussa P25. It has been established that the modification takes place only in the case of "thick" shells with the number of bilayers being x=8. In the case of shells with x=4 there is a destruction of polyelectrolyte capsules during modification. It has been found that the degree of modification of capsules by nanosizedtitanium dioxide depends on the shell thickness (value x) as well as on the surface of nanoscale titanium dioxide samples


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The carried-out comparative analysis of theoretical approaches to the creation of business models gives an idea that this tool is a useful eclecticism of theoretical provisions and practical decisions from the area of marketing, equipment, economy, management, logistics. Their skillful application in a unique configuration forms the complex of competitive advantages typical of only this company.
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Anode grounding modules provide electrochemical protection against corrosion of metal constructions. Multidimensional data model for the point of view of quality management department employee is provided and discussed. The purpose of multi-dimensional data model is to increase most popular query execution speed. It aggregates the history data. Multi-dimensional data model is derived from relational model by denormalization
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The primary goal of the state program "Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical industry" for 2013-2020" is the creation of innovative Russian pharmaceutical and medical industry of international standard. According to forecasts the share of Russian pharmaceutical companies in the market is going to increase from 14 to 50%. In order to ensure a complex approach to problem solving in pharmaceutical industry it needs to develop new mechanisms to manage industry sectors, clusters and enterprises. One of the most effective forms of management in this case is the creation of logistic schemes for medicine delivery to the population. The article describes the requirements for medicine delivery. We provide the economic and statistical technique – based on ABC/VEN-analysis – for the identification of the medicine demand in a large health care facility. The article uncovers the specifics of formation of a decision-making support system in time and amount of order in the context of (s, Q)-policy. The results reflect the specific features of construction of information support systems in medicine delivery.
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In article the questions of integrated management by process of implementation of the Model-driven development (MDD) approach to software development practice are considered, the requirements to management system are determined, the algorithms and the basic documents of process management are offered, management subsystem is formed.

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