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Vol 4, No 5 (2009)
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3-19 398
Studying of a physiological role of natural polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) at a new step of development of scientific and technical progress is actual. The present review is devoted questions of biosynthesis PUFAs, their regulatory functions, distribution in tissues lipids of an animal organism. In the review new effective methods of isolation and identification of unsaturated fatty acids and their metabolites from biological objects, such as extraction under pressure, a capillary nuclear magnetic resonance, a combination of a liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry also are considered.
20-24 264
We investigated the binding capacity for FVIII/vWF complex of five different anion-exchange supports, DEAE-Toyopearl 650M, Toyopearl Super Q-650M, Fractogel EMD TMAE (M), DEAE Sepharose FF, Fractogel EMD TMAE Hicap (M). The chromatographic supports with tentacle structure demonstrated the best results. The adsorption was performed by a batch-method when mixing at the room t0 and a residual FVIII and vWF-content was measured in the supernatant. The maximum binding capacity was estimated 188 IU FVIII /g and 2309 IU vWF /g for Fractogel EMD TMAE (M) and 134 IU FVIII /g and 1935 IU vWF /g for Fractogel EMD TMAE Hicap (M). The results obtained may be used for development of the method of purifying a FVIII/vWF complex using ion-exchange chromatography.
25-30 257
Synthesis of library functional anchor groups with xanthene fluorescent dye on solid-phase support. Prepared CPG can be used for synthesis fluorescent probes for RT-PCR
31-36 225
This paper is devoted to influence of various factors (option of wort production, strain of yeast, duration of fermentation) for the process of fermentation rye wort. The effect of endogenous and microbial phytase on the accumulation of ethanol and volatile impurities is investigated.
37-39 229
The recombinant modified peptides and proteins method of structure and properties determination has been considered by the example of the glycosylated gene-spliced human insulin with disaccharide.
40-41 255
The present work is devoted to kinetics of flax polysaccharides enzymatic hydrolysis by Trichoderma viride xylanase study.


42-47 261
The thermodynamic conditions of emulsion formation are considered on the basis of perfect solution model. It is shown that the factor chosen arbitrarily in the article of Shchukin-Rebinder on the determination of critical surface tension, can be calculated on the basis of experimentally definable quantities. It is established that the thermodynamic conditions of the formation of emulsion from a two-phase initial state depend on the initial interphase tension and the structure of initial system. It is noted that the contribution of mixture enthropy to the general thermodynamical properties of the system becomes apparent at a high degree of the dispersiveness close to molecular one. To achieve the conditions of dispersion the introduction of the mechanical energy or the energy of the combined process proceeding at the interphase border in parallel with the dispersion process is necessary.
48-51 260
The statics of process of dehydration and property of synthetic surface-active substance of sulfonol as object of drying is investigated. Are experimentally received and isotherms of sorbtion of sulfonol are mathematical described. As a result of the analysis of curves of sorbtion conclusions are drawn on change of the form of communication of a moisture with a material, recommendations for choice final humidity of a dried up product are made. The analysis of thermodynamics internal mass exchange is carried out at interaction of sulfonol with water.
52-55 272
This work is devoted to investigating the effects of ethanol space velocity and the composition of ethanol-water mixture on their conversion to hydrocarbons over the industrial 3%Zn/27%Al2O3/Fe-ZKE-G50 (Si/Fe = 550) catalyst. It was shown that at 350ºC, the relationship between ethanol space velocity and liquid hydrocarbons yield passes through a maximum at around 2h-1. Increasing ethanol space velocity to 5-10h-1 leads to increase in ethylene formation and a loss in selectivity for other hydrocarbons. Increasing the amount of water, drastically reduces the yield of liquid hydrocarbons. A high selectivity for C3-C4 hydrocarbons can be obtained using a mixture with ethanol to water ratio of 2:1. Further increase in water content leads to a decrease in the ethylene oligomerisation rate, consequently resulting in an increase in ethylene formation. Water addition to ethanol plays an important role in the overall process selectivity without altering the catalyst and technological equipment.
56-59 267
The efficiency of decolorization of azo dye Direct Blue KM in aqueous solutions by ultraviolet irradiation of XeBr excilamp (282 nm) in the range of initial concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and pH values was studied. The optimum operation conditions were determined.


60-68 293
This work is devoted for investigation of isocriterial manifolds and isocriterial fields arrangement into initial feed composition simplex. That fields and manifolds dividing of them are formed at methanol - n-propylacetat - toluene with aniline extractive distillation. Initial mixture contains one binary azeotrop with minimum boiling point (in methanol - toluene pair) and one tangential azeotrop in methanol - n-propylacetat pair near the pure n-propylacetat. In the capacity of the optimization criteria was chosen heating capacities on the distillation columns reboilers.
69-75 270
The rule of phases for systems with fixed components and variance of phase processes in such systems, including variance of one-stage phase processes and process of extractive rectification taking into account intensive, extensive and constructive variables is considered


76-79 226
Aspects of creation rubberized fabrics which keep working capacity in a wide interval of temperatures and are characterized by high durability to various aggressive environments are considered.
80-84 271
Polymer-solvent system for producing electrospun polydiphenylenephthalide nanofibrous materials is developed. Uniform fibers with diameters up to 0.3 mkm are received. Thermostable filter materials can be produced using developed system.
85-86 285
Moisten rubbers of water defined by edge corner moisten right away after surface clearing by solvent, is depended from polymer nature. The least polymer polarity, the least is less moisten. By determine of moisten it is necessary to consider that surface is changed quickly after clearing by volatile solvents as result of emanate of rubber low-molecular components.
87-90 309
The molecular characteristics of diane epoxy oligomers produced by industries: DER-330, ED-20, ED-16, ED-8 is studied. The fractional composition was identified. The viscosity characteristics epoxy resins at different temperature are studied the entire range of molecular weight and molecular-mass distribution.


91-96 222
Technique of synthesis of high-effective nanostructured electrocatalysts on carbon carrier for electrochemical systems with proton-exchange membrane (PEM) is described, their structural and electrochemical properties are investigated. Current-voltage curves of membrane-electrode assemblies (MEA) on the basis of synthesized electrocatalysts within PEM fuel cell, water electrolyser and reversible cell are obtained.
97-103 242
First rhenium oxobutoxoderivatives with n-BuOH and i-BuOH have been obtained by electrochemical method. The decomposition rhenium complex with n-BuOH at 412°С in oxidizing atmosphere results in obtaining oxides of Re(VI) and Re(IV) in the condensed phase.

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