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Vol 7, No 3 (2012)
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3-21 179
The possibility of the non-local physics application in the theory of superconductivity was investigated. It is shown that under the superconducting conditions the relay motion of the soliton system («lattice ion - electron») is realized when chemical bonds are absent. In terms of quantum hydrodynamics the problem of creation of high temperature superconductors is reduced to finding materials, the lattices of which could realize the soliton motion without destruction. These materials should be created using the technology of quantum dots.
22-24 204
The effect of distillation (rectification) depends completely on reflux ratio. Vapour number depends on reflux ratio.
25-32 166
Theoretical analysis of one-fold recrystallization of substances from a solution with washing of the crystal phase was carried out. The influence of various technological parameters on the yield of the separation products, their structure and power expenses was established.
33-38 195
The diagrams of scalar properties isolines corresponding to different aspect ratios are considered. It is shown that the sets of diagrams based on the vector fields of nodes do not always coincide with sets of diagrams based on the properties of a scalar function.
39-45 191
Some laws of heterogeneous equilibrium and the law of mass action are considered. The regions of implementation of these laws are shown.


46-50 236
The effect of Be-implanted InSb layers annealing by pulsed halogen lamps radiation on the thermo-emf was investigated. The features of the stagewise annealing influence, as well as the optimal temperature and duration of each stage were studied. The results are discussed on the basis of modern ideas of the possible mechanisms of radiation defects formation and transformation.
51-56 188
Cathodoluminescence spectra of polyparaxylylene - silver metallopolymeric composite were measured and analyzed. The band structure of the composite was investigated. The density of states and band gap were calculated. A model of energy transfer in the polymer matrix was suggested.
57-62 191
Composites anatase/Y2O3, η-TiO2/Y2O3, Degussa P25/Y2O3 and Hombifine/Y2O3 were prepared by simultaneous dispersion of Y2O3 and TiO2 powders in weakly alkaline aqueous media or dispersion of Y2O3 powders in acidic titania-containing hydrosols followed by special treatment. Initial reagents and composites were characterized by X-ray diffraction, IR spectroscopy, transmission and scanning electronic microscopy with X-ray spectral microanalysis.


63-70 177
The theory of heat stroke was considered for viscoelastic bodies. Constitutive equations were formulated in the context of the of quasi-static thermoviscoelasticity problem.
71-76 175
The goal of this paper is to present a proof that for the logistic map the period-3 begins at . The third-iterate map is the key for understanding the birth of the period-3 cycle. Any point in a period-3 cycle repeats every three iterates by definition. Such points satisfy the condition ,and they are therefore fixed points of the third-iterate map. This fact and the so called tangent bifurcation for the logistic map, as well as the fixed points definition, are used for finding the value. The algebraic treatment utilizes some properties of symmetric polynomials in three variables. For the purposes of this paper, the bifurcation diagram for the logistic map is also presented, as well as a program in Mathematica for its construction.
77-89 217
One of the green chemistry directions - the use of renewable plant-based resources - is considered with processing of flax fibres as an example. The prospects of flax cellulose as an alternative to cotton are analyzed. A brief feasibility study of the project "Flax cellulose" aimed at improving industrial technology of flax cellulose and related products of integrated feedstock processing is presented. The compliance of the technology suggested for simulation and commercialization with the basic principles of green chemistry is analyzed. Implementation of the proposed project with the participation of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technologies is regarded as a long-term objective of environmental-economic aspect.
90-91 165
The absence of integrated decision making systems on the enterprises of the chemical complex creates significant obstacles in the development of the industry sector. The development of integrated decision making systems will significantly enhance the pace of modernization and control of the processes in enterprises and will create additional competitive advantages for the complex as a whole.
92-96 152
A methodology of designing an ecological-economic high-performance centrifugal inertial dust catcher-classifier is proposed allowing a description of the separation of solid particles from an air flow. The particles enter the separation zone - a space where their separation from the air flow occurs.

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