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Pulsed photon annealing of Ве+-implanted InSb layers

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The effect of Be-implanted InSb layers annealing by pulsed halogen lamps radiation on the thermo-emf was investigated. The features of the stagewise annealing influence, as well as the optimal temperature and duration of each stage were studied. The results are discussed on the basis of modern ideas of the possible mechanisms of radiation defects formation and transformation.



About the Authors

A. V. Artamonov
МИТХТ им. М.В. Ломоносова
Russian Federation

V. P. Astakhov
ОАО «Московский завод «Сапфир»
Russian Federation

V. V. Karpov
МИТХТ им. М.В. Ломоносова
Russian Federation

A. D. Maximov
МИТХТ им. М.В. Ломоносова
Russian Federation


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Artamonov A.V., Astakhov V.P., Karpov V.V., Maximov A.D. Pulsed photon annealing of Ве+-implanted InSb layers. Fine Chemical Technologies. 2012;7(3):46-50. (In Russ.)

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