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Vol 1, No 2 (2006)
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5-21 149
In work the modern condition of a problem on synthesis of polymeric microspheres and reception on their basis the test-systems for various kinds of diseases is considered.
22-29 172
The article is devoted to physical-chemical and medico-biological characteristics of perfluorocarbon blood substitute perfluoran (PF). The emulsion PF, based upon perfluorocarbon, by no means possesses all the properties of normal blood and does not perform all its functions. However, perfluorocarbon drugs, like PF, can be considered a temporal blood substitute that maintain gas transportation, circulating blood volume, oncotic and osmotic pressure, pH and some other physiological parameters in case of blood loss, surgical operations and organ perfusions. In such cases there is no need to test the blood for compatibility or contamination, what makes it possible to use PF emulsion in extreme and urgent conditions and saves a considerable amount of blood in many areas of medicine, particularly in cases of massive hemorrhage
30-36 151
The silicon-organic compounds have been immobilized to the surface of fibers, canvases and nonwoven materials with the help of different surface treatments, for example by oligoalkoxy(C3-C6)(alkoxy)siloxanes. The influence is exerted by not only the number of modifier and the method of its application to the fibers surface, canvases and nonwoven materials but by the type of modifiers. It was found that the most hand and the mechanical properties of the material are affected by the manner in which the oligoalkoxy(C3-C6)(alkoxy)siloxanes are deposited on the fiber surface, which is largely depends on the concentration of the compound. In all cases, tear strength and increases with the application of silicone polymer till the point of 15 times and intensifying after a washing and preserving after 20 washings.
37-39 209
On the base of full flow curves of structured oil-in-water emulsions with 0,12 to 0,32 part by volume of oil phase the main oil particle diameters and yield strength were determined. A novel equation was obtained with the use of Deriagin equation and equation for estimation of the yield strength of structured emulsion. This equation permits us to estimate the surface tension in the water medium-oil particle interface (P-M) with the aid of experimental data. The P-M value in such systems was shown to be equal 0,3 mN/m and found to be almost constant in the investigated region of concentrations. For the comparison an estimation of the same value with the use of the Gamaker constant is also given in the present paper.
40-45 150
By the example of incompatible rubbers compositions were investigated adhesive characteristic blend substance to adhesive from one of the components. Were shown, that nonpolar rubber mainly presents at the blanket; result in non-additivity of plybond strength and adhesion moistening functioning. As a result of non-polar rubber molecules orientation at the blend, adhesive properties decrease compare with the autogesion characteristics.
46-50 116
The colloid properties of styrene-butadiene latex stabilysed by the mixture of anionic alkylsulphonat (AS) and non-ionic oxiethylated fat alcohole (OC-20) were investigated. Addition of little amounts (less than 0,2 mol. Part) of AS into the mixture was founed to lead to the non-additive changes in particle sizes, influence the thickness of adsorbtion layers, Z-potencial and latex viskosity. It was shown that an agregative stability of the latex in the presents of different destabilizating factors (addition of electrolites, increasing of temperature, freezing, mechanical stiring) can be controlled, depending of their practical use, by changing the emulsifier mixture composition. For example, by changing the AS content in the composition one can reach the different thermosensibility of latex.
51-57 139
Physico-chemical properties and detergent action of surfactant solutions, complexing agents and their mixtures are investigated. Complexing agents increase the detergent adsorption on the pigment soiling, are adsorbed on carbon black particles, disperse it and form with carbon black the amphiphylic complexes having high surface activity. The activity of detergent compositions increases in the presence of complexing agents.
58-62 124
The structure and mechanical properties of polymer films obtained from natural latex and filled by clay suspensions were investigated. It was shown that surface modification of the clay particles by alkylbenzyldimethylammonium chloride decrease film properties. Mixing of latex with untreated bentonite lead to the inorganic layers reagregation and dehydratation at the drying stage but supports high mechanical properties due to parallel orientation of the clay particles.


63-67 119
New method of calculation of heat consumption in the processes of distillatory separation of liquid binary blends is suggested. Quantitative estimation of separation quality is in the basis of the method.
68-72 111
Feasibility study of evaporation crystallization usage with vapor injector is provided in this article. it is shown that such process allows decreasing significantly power inputs for realization of studied process.


73-76 133
In area of the catalytic reactions with metal complexes new oscillatory process - reaction of phenylacetylene oxidative carbonylation to anhydride of phenylmaleic acid in the system LiBr-PdBr2-CO-O2-(CH3)2CO is found. Independence of a oscillations mode of a gases mixture composition is shown at the percentage of CO no more than 50 %. The preliminary mechanism of process was proposed.
77-78 151
Reactions of isomerisation 1,2-C2B10H12  1,7-C2B10H12 and 1,7-C2B10H12  1,12- C2B10H12 were analyzed at B3LYP/6-311G(2d,2p) level of theory. Thermodynamic parameters of these reactions were calculated at 298 – 1000 K. These parameters conform experimental data.
79-81 154
The results of studies reaction transamination of trimethylsilil diethylcarbamate by carbaminosilanes. Shown that siliconnitrogenorganic monomers allows the easy manufacture of heterocyclic compounds. Use of dihydrazines in this reactions leads to organic heterocyclic compounds formation.


82-85 105
The new functional accuracies for the description of mechanical models of polymer solids are proposed. The examples of rheological Maxwell model and Kelvin– Fought model are considered.
86-89 116
The long circular cylindrical sample (polymer fiber) with internal insulated circular crack under the action of constant pressure and thermal heating with the heat flow directed along the axis of the cylinder and normally to the plane of the crack is considered. A number of generalizing ratios for the stress intensity factors under thermal and mechanical loading is derived.
90-95 132
Conformation characteristics for poly(N,N-dimethyl-N,N-diallylammonia) cloride (PDMDAAC) were calculated basing on isolated Landau&Livshits macromolecule model (using HyperChem program pack) and theoretical model suggested by authors. Obtained results are compared with experimental data for similar to PDMDAAC compounds (polyvinylpirrolydone, poly-L-proline, polyisobutylmaleinimide).

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