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Vol 2, No 3 (2007)
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5-9 236
The actual dirtections in the chemistry and technology of platinum metals for the future decade are formulated. The modern technology of platinum metals is discussed. The modern methods in technology are suggested for they industrial application
10-21 182
New synthetic approach to the preparation of palladium(II)-based heterobimetallic complexes was proposed. The complexes were prepared in high yields (85-95%) in single-crystalline form and structurally characterized by physicochemical methods, including X-ray structural analysis. All the complexes are built based on the structural motif [Pd(-OOCR)4M] (R = Me, tBu; M = Cu(II), Zn(II), Ni(II), Co(II), Mn(II), Ce(IV), Nd(III), Sm(III), Eu(III), Tm(III), Yb(III)). Reduction of the heterobimetallic complexes can produce new mixed-metal nanomaterials
22-28 189
This article is devoted to the analytical control issues of platinum metals production and their solution based on complex approach to the optimization of sampling, sample preparation and analysis stages
29-35 239
The complexation in the system Rh(III) – H<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub> – H<sub>2</sub>O at the room temperature in the dilute sulfuric acid has been studied by 103Rh and 17O NMR. The most stable species in solutions are [Rh<sub>2</sub>(μ-SO<sub>4</sub>)<sub>2</sub>(H<sub>2</sub>O)<sub>8</sub>] <sup>2+</sup> and [Rh<sub>2</sub>(μ-OH)(μ-SO<sub>4</sub>)(H<sub>2</sub>O)<sub>8</sub>] <sup>3+</sup>; we have established that the solid «rhodium sulfates” are amorphous glassy phases with variable composition
36-43 261
Data of experimental and theoretical study (DFT method) of electron-rich metal phenanthrocyanines – new class of tetraazachromophore complexes of delements Pt2+, Pd2+, Rh3+, Cr3+, Co2+, Ni2+, Zn2+ and Cd2+ was presented. On basis of experimental data on electron absorption spectra (EAS) and quantum chemical calculations of EAS of model anion-radical 1,10-phenanthroline and electron-rich 1,10-phenanthroline complexes suggest of long-wave bands in EAS of metal phenanthrocyanines was made. Some general regularities of new metal phenanthrocyanines formation in C(sp2 )H-C(sp2 )H-coupling reactions of coordinated 1,10-phenanthrolines concerned with metal promotion and elementary electron and proton transfer processes in initialization stage of C(sp2 )H-C(sp2 )H-coupling was analysed
44-48 191
The article is aimed at solving the problem of directed synthesis of substances with given properties and creation of new functional materials on their base. The concrete fundamental task is chemical design of new multifunctional (TWC) catalysts that ensure simultaneous conversion of carbon monoxide, carbon hydrоcarbons and nitrogen oxides. The main idea of chemical TWC catalyst construction is realization of segregate interaction of NO and CO with the surface substance y-AI2O3+ZrxCe1-xO2
49-52 175
The behaviour of K2[OsO2(OH)4] in solutions with different concentration of HBr was studied by EAS method, chemical forms of osmium were established, the method of synthesis of K2[OsO2Br4] from K2[OsO2(OH)4] was developed. The properties of K2[OsO2Br4] were examined by IRS, EAS and TG methods
53-82 240
A part of monography about platinum and platinum metals.
83-86 252
Complexes of Fe(III), Cr(III), Al(III), In(III) with 2(diphenylacetyl)indandione-1,3 and (2- phenyl-4-chloro-acetyl)indandione-1,3 are synthesized and studied by various methods.
87 2188
The peculiarities of physicochemical properties of adhesional compositions based on rubbers, ethyl cellulose and their blends. It was investigated different physicochemical properties butadiene-nitrile rubber,ethyl cellulose and their blends. These blends can be recommended as the bases of adhesional compositions

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