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Vol 2, No 2 (2007)
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12-26 132
We have made an overview of the studies of rhenium-containing catalysts for the industrial petroleum chemical processes in their historical development: the reforming of hydrocarbons, gasoline fractions, disproportion of olefines – metathesise, and the possibility of future application of rheniumcontaining catalysts in organic reactions.
27-43 281
The combined preparation of phenol and acetone from cumol is one of the large-scale production processes of general organic synthesis. Accordingly increasing requirements of isopropylbenzene hydroperoxid as the raw material for the preparation of phenol and acetone and as the individual product, leads to constant development of effective methods of improving process with aim to minimize energy expenses and resources costs. The review of consumption market, phenol production, dynamic of the average product cost is described and the main directions and volumes of cargo are performed.
44-54 113
In this paper different methods of colloid dispersions nanosystems synthesis were perflurorganic investigated and also an influence of partical size distribution on the toxiticy of the obtained emulsions was concerned.
55-58 139
The efficiency comparative analysis was carried out for fractionation absorber and rectification columns for feed deethanization at the Kuibyshevski Refinery gas fractionation unit for power inputs decreasing
59-63 138
Gas-phase interaction of dichlorogermylenes formed in GeCl<sub>4</sub>–Si<sub>2</sub>Cl<sub>6</sub> system with o- and p-dichlorobenzene (Ia, Ib), 2,5-dichlorothiophen (V) was studied. :GeCl<sub>2</sub> was shown to insert by (Ia, (Ib), (V) C-Cl bond and form their derivatives with one or two trichlorogemylene groups. Reactions proceeding in organochlorogermanes synthesis are discussed.


64-72 117
Non-linear models of aerobic microorganisms cultivation were studied as controlled dynamic systems. It was found out that depending on kinetics there can be several regimes of biomass formation (stationary states) in the process. By the roots of characteristic equation we found out values of stationary states’ stability degree. We propose to choose process regulations regime according to its dynamic characteristics
73-77 118
The conclusion of fundamental equation, connecting the tie-line vector field and a temperatures (pressures) scalar field in two-phase multicomponent systems was represented.
78-81 148
Modification of norbornadien (NBD) for using as solar energy storage was attempted. Synthesed adducts was investigated in the reaction of catalytic allylation by Pd<sub>3</sub>(OAc)<sub>6</sub> – PPh<sub>3</sub> and Ni(C<sub>3</sub>H<sub>5</sub>)<sub>2</sub> – P(i-C<sub>3</sub>H<sub>7</sub>O)<sub>3</sub> complexes and reaction parametres were optimized. Supramolecular substances, combinated NBD and 4-oxoretinal or 5,6-dioxo-5,6-sekoretinal, were suggested toward photochemical energy storage and optical memory systems by means of the photochromic valence isomerization of the NBD – quadricyclane system.

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