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Vol 7, No 1 (2012)
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3-18 427
This review is devoted to the synthesis of palladium heterogeneous catalysts on carbon supports. The review consists of three parts. In the first part different types of carbon supports are explored. The second part is devoted to methods of activation of carbon supports, and in the third part methods of preparation of palladium catalysts supported on carbon are investigated.
19-22 244
The synthesis and data of the study of new complexes of samarium bromides with carbamide, [Sm(Ur)4(H2O)4]Br3 (I) and [Sm(Ur)6(H2O)2]Br3 (II), by IR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction analysis are presented. For these compounds, coordination with the metal occurs through the oxygen atoms of the water and carbamide molecules. The coordination polyhedra are distorted tetragonal antiprisms. The coordination of four carbamide molecules in I does not change their planar structures, but in II one carbamide ligand is distorted. The bromide ions are not coordinated and are situated in the external sphere. Many hydrogen bonds are observed in the structures of both complexes. Ключевые слова: комплексные соединения, самарий, бромид, карбамид, строение. Key words: complexes, structure, carbamide, samarium, bromide.
23-28 188
The influence of oxidation and impregnation of the carbon materials on the sorption of H2PtCl6 was studied. The state of platinum on the surface was studied with the SEM, EDS, XPS and XAFS methods.
29-33 210
The article is devoted to the determination of the perrhenate anion in real in-situ leaching solutions by means of voltammetry on the interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions and a mass-produced voltammetric ion-selective electrode. Methods of overcoming the interfering influence of different factors, e.g., high amounts of molybdenum, low pH and high concentration of iron, are also discussed. On the basis of this study a method for the determination of rhenium concentration in real industrial solutions was developed and certified.


34-39 299
Comparison of literature and calculated data on vapor-liquid equilibrium for systems formed by products of propylene oxide synthesis was carried out. On the basis of models NRTL and UNIQUAC the literature data on vapor-liquid equilibrium for the investigated systems were optimized. The values of model parameters and their deviations were estimated. The corresponding phase diagrams were calculated and plotted.
40-43 214
Comparison of heat input for rectification at various states of the initial binary mixture was carried out. It is shown that the total heat input for rectification is minimal at a column feed of the initial mixture lower than its boiling point.
44-48 207
The theoretical analysis of process of unitary recrystallization of substances from solutions with separate supply of binary solvent components on a stage of dissolution of initial substance and the subsequent stage of crystallization is carried out. The theoretical description is based on consideration of the equations of material and thermal balances taking into account phase equilibrium. Influence of various parameters on yield of products of division and power expenses is established.
49-58 246
The number of classes and types of diagrams of isolines of excess molar thermodynamic properties of homogeneous ternary mixtures was determined. Approaches to diagram analysis are considered.


59-63 241
The protective effect of cortexin was investigated with the use of acoustic stress hemorrhagic stroke model. A significant decrease of 8-oxo-2'-deoxyguanosine to 2'-deoxyguanosine ratio in the DNA molecule was shown using brain slices of cortexin treated Krushinsky-Molodkina rats.
64-68 251
Magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) obtained by two methods - thermal decomposition of iron(V) pentacarbonyl and polyol synthesis - were characterized with the use of dynamic/electrophoretic light scattering and high resolution transmission electron microscopy. The obtained MNPs were tested as potential agents for magnetic hyperthermia by measuring their ability to cause water dispersion heating in an electromagnetic field.


69-72 189
The dynamic thermoelastic response of an area within a limited variety of geometric surfaces (planar, spherical, and cylindrical) was explored. A generalized dynamic model of thermoelasticity was formulated for these cases.
73-77 190
Influence of prismatic cross-section rods surface quality on natural frequencies and mode shapes is investigated. Modified equations of Kirchhoff and Klebsh are used. These equations allow taking into account the influence of tension-compression and in-plane shear of rods. Linear initial-value boundary-value eigenvalue problem is formulated. Modeling of frequency function is carried out with the help of method of initial parameters. Existence of nonlinear dependence of natural frequencies on rod cross-section parameters changing and high sensitivity of mode shapes when changing rod cross-section parameters is confirmed, Urgency of developing special high-precision algorithms of ill-conditioned boundary problems solution for practical use of the confirmed effect is revealed.
78-80 196
The article presents the stages of system analysis of the system of state accounting and control of radioactive substances and radioactive waste at the company FSUE «RosRAO» in the Central information-analytical center and shows the structure of the subsystem for information storage.
81-83 239
Article shows necessity of state regulation in sphere of industrial production for the purpose of maintenance of a socio-ecologo-economic orientation of an investment policy on introduction of himiko-technological innovations. Article is written in respect of preparation for the international conference devoted to a sustainable development of «Rio+20».
84-88 193
The specific features of applying the exergy analysis method for the energy resource saving waterworks systems of industrial plants were considered. The analysis of the influence of changes in polluting substance mass loading value on changes in exergy value upon mixing water technological flows was carried out.
89-92 204
This article is devoted to the optimization method for network plans calculation, which allows to manage it dynamically on a timely basis and to make optimal decisions related to financing changes, redistribution of labor resources, using of stimulation methods etc in the course of realization of the Federal target program «Pure water».
93-95 163
The possibilities of optimizing water removal systems by changing the technical requirements for the purification equipment are considered. The possibility of investment attractiveness increase in projects of improving sewage treatment processes is shown.
95-112 179
On the 28th of May 2011 the III Festival of scientific-technical creative work of young people took place in the MITHT named after Lomonosov. The Festival was sponsored by the Prefecture of the West Administrative District (WAD) and the Department of family and youth policy of Moscow. The researches were represented by students from MITHT, MIREА, MSU named after Lomonosov, and others, and young scientists from FSUE SPA named after Lavochkin, SCSPC named after Khrunichev.

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