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Vol 3, No 6 (2008)
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3-13 231
The literature data on the methods of formaldehyde analysis are generalized. Chromatographic, colorimetric, titrimetric, polarographic, biochemical and spectral methods are discussed. A complex analytical solution of the material balance of the reaction of conjugated dehydrogenation of methanol to formaldehyde in the presence of hydrogen peroxide is proposed.
14-18 297
Oxidation of methanol is the main method for the production of formaldehyde in industry. In order to expand the source of raw materials for the preparation of new catalyst for this process copper compounds as initial substances for obtaining the former are suggested. A number of catalysts obtained from various copper salts were tested; some of them are quite promising for further investigation.
19-21 176
Amphiphilic block-copolymers of polyisobornylacrylate-polyacrilic acid synthesized by means of ATRP were used for producing of membrane. Gas permeability measurements were carried out on individual gases: carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen
22-25 152
The copper-zinc-zirconium cemen-tcontaining catalysts for steam reforming of methanol were prepared. Their activity in the process of methanol steam reforming has been investigated. It has been shown that introduction of zirconium-containing component in the copper-zinc cementcontaining catalysts results in increasing of activity and efficiency in the methanol steam reforming process. The proposed systems may be used as catalysts for obtaining of hydrogen fuel


26-33 176
Lipid peroxidation is common to all biological systems, both appearing in developmentally and environmentally regulated processes of plants. The hydroperoxy polyunsaturated fatty acids, synthesized by the action of various highly specialized forms of lipoxygenases, are substrates of at least seven different enzymе families. Signaling compounds such as jasmonates, antimicrobial and antifungal compounds such as leaf aldehydes or divinyl ethers, and a plant-specific blend of volatiles including leaf alcohols are among the numerous products
34-44 164
A dipyrrolic structures were synthesised for direct preparation of asymmetrically functionalized chlorin macrocycles
45-50 230
Spray drying has been offered as an alternative method for dry B.bifidum biomass obtaining for production of solid dosage forms. The complex of experimental and analytical researches has been carried out. On the basis of experimental data and modeling results, the recommendations have been given for the industrial process organization


51-58 149
On the base of systems approach the selection task of integrated management system structure was analyzed. Integrated management system on the chemical enterprises includes as a rule several systems: quality management system as a base system, environmental protection system, professional safety and employment protection system, GMP system, etc. It was suggested the solve method of structure selection task and business-processes distribution among enterprise departments
59-62 188
The program СОРЕ was developed on the basis of VBA Excel language for carrying out the statistical processing of outcomes of experiments. The program significantly simplifies and accelerates routine processing of experimental data
63-66 174
New method for the constructing the quantitative structure-property relationships of organic compounds represented as labeled graphs is suggested. It is based on some results of spectral graph theory. A number of examples of application of this method is given
67-74 130
The approach of estimation of a level of anthropogenic impact on ecosystems as a function of properties of plant associations has been proposed. In the course of investigation it was established that it is possible to estimate the growth degree of anthropogenic impact on ecosystem by: the increase part of a ruderal vegetation in common composition of plant associations; the increase amount of a ruderal vegetation growing on one square meter of soil surface (thickness of sowing); the increase of lead and cadmium content in above ground part of the plants. The sufficiently high ability of lead extraction from soil by such plants-accumulators as great nettle and meadow fescue has been established
75-81 173
The risks of the emergent ecological and technical situation as a result of using liquid ammonia as a refrigerating medium in construction in Far Northern regions have been considered. Affective zone modeling/simulation during ammonia ejection into the atmosphere has been built. A model of reaction between ammonia and plastic frozen ground has been suggested. A conclusion of ammonia monitoring in the atmosphere and advisability/expediency of liquid ammonia substitution on alternative refrigerating medium, Freon-22, has been drawn
82-83 157
In this article the problems of air monitoring which is carried out with new filter nanofiberous material obtained from polymer mixture are considered
84-88 129
XII International scientific-technical conference is devoted to problems of: chemistry and technology of organic and inorganic materials, chemistry and technology medical products and biologically active substances, ecological and economic problems of chemical technologies, theoretical based of chemical technology

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