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Vol 4, No 1 (2009)
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5-14 215
The earliar attempts chemical of elements' classifications were usually based on their properties. Since chemical properties are very complex and diverse, so that classifications were unsuccessful. The first step to creation Mendeleev's periodic system for chemical elements became using of related atomic weights.
15-21 255
It is told about friendship of two great Russian and worldwide cultural workers Dmitry I. Mendeleyev and Alexander P. Borodin.
22-26 171
In this paper, the section «World outlook» of D.I. Mendeleev's book «Cherished Thoughts» is analyzed. It is shown, what, in Mendeleev's opinion, is the connection between philosophy and science, how important the problem was for him.
27-33 210
D.I. Mendeleev as the founder of socio-ecological-economic approach to development of industry in Russia.


34-41 246
Addition of nickel oxide in the V-Sb/γAl2O3 catalytic system, used in oxidative dehydrogenation of isobutane, significantly increases conversion (from 36 to 42-44%) at isobutene selectivity of 70 %. The developed catalysts consisting of systems V-Sb-O and V-Sb-Ni-O were characterized using XRD, XPS, and H2-TPR. Formation of the discovered nickel vanadate phase NiV2O6 is as a result of free phase VOx is a more effective catalyst due to increase in the quantity of mobile oxygen lattice. It is suggested that the set of various vanadium surface phases improves activity and selectivity of the new catalytic systems.
42-46 184
Potential energy surfaces of gas-phased synchronous addition of HF to acetylene and methylacetylene. A non-empirical Harthree-Fock-Ruthane method (Gaussian-03, G-31++G** basis) with electronic correlation consideration in MP2 approximation (Moeller-Plesseth 2nd grade) was used. Reaction heats and activation energies were calculated. Reaction heat of HF addition to acetylene molecule is -19.5 kcal/mol, activation energy is 52.3 kcal/mol. Reaction heats of HF addition to methylacetylene according to Markovnikov's rule and against it comprise -20.7 and -16.1 kcal/mol; activation energies are 48.0 and 53.5 kcal/mol accordingly. It was established that HF addition to methylacetylene molecule with formation of 2-fluoropropene is more energetically advantageous according to Markovnikov's rule kinetically as well as thermodynamically.
47-51 185
The influence of ammonium sulfate concentration in aqueous sybfase on the parameters of 2D films was investigated. It was observe that, adding of electrolyte is causing the growth of parameters of isotherm due to gidrophobisacia of microsphere because of changes in double electrical layer.
52-59 243
Synthesis parameters of multiwall carbon nanotubes were prepared by catalytic pyrolysis of toluene and isopropyl alcohol under isochome conditions in the presence of nickel oxalate as catalyst were investigated. The synthesis products were analyzed by electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction spectroscopy


60-63 217
Presented the new method of calculation of heat consumption while separation binary mixtures by distillation methods. Studied the effect of complexity of separation of binary mixtures on necessary heat consumption while separating them by distillation. It is shown that energy-saving in rectification is increased when increasing the reflux ratio.
64-68 195
Feasibility study of the crystallization of substances from admixtures process by the means of a calorific pump with a closed cycle on the working substance is provided in this article. It is shown that the usage of the calorific pump allows decreasing significantly power inputs for realization of this process.
69-71 177
With the purpose of research of the phenomena taking place of the initial stage of process proposed the new original construction of measuring system rotational viscousimetr. The area of possible application modernized viscousimetr devices is expanded.
72-73 188
Addition of Gepler viscousimetr (VN-II) the new original constructive elements allow enlarge the interval of possible application for research of the liquids with high optical density and viscosity. The advanced construction of the device allows to increase accuracy of received results of measurements.


74-76 194
O2 and N2 permeability of membranes with diffusive layers from quaternary poly(vinyl pyridine) and its complexes with sodium dodecyl sulfate was studied. The influence of a layer's chemical structure on these gases selectivity separation was shown.
77-83 233
Adsorption of surfactants of different nature on the bentonites/water interface and an influence of Ca2+ ions on the adsorption characteristics were investigated. The data obtained from adsorption isotherms were compared with RFA data. It was shown that cationic ABDMAC have a maximal adsorption and vertical orientation to the basal space of montmorillonite. In the case of nonionic oxyethylated alkylphenols molecules intercalate in to the interlayer and form bylaeyer structure parallel to the surface even at high concentrations. Anionic surfactant did not penetrate into interlayer and situated only on the external surface of bentonites. In the presence of calcium ions adsorption increase witch lead to more compact vertical orientation of molecules.
84-87 202
Adsorption of epoxy oligomer ED-20 on the glass surface have investigated. Comparison experimental and calculated on basis Landau-Lifshits theoretical model results indicated that adsorption in studied system was polymolecular.


88-94 183
Dielectric properties of single crystals of LiNbGeO5, crystallizing in the andalusite (β-Al2SiO5) structure, have been studied. Dielectric and conducting properties along the major crystallographic axes were investigated at frequencies from 1 to 1000 kHz and in the range of temperatures between 100 and 600 K. Determined potential barriers between the equilibrium positions of Li+ ions are classified as low energy (0.23-0.79 eV, along the a axis) and high energy (0.9-1.90 eV, along the a, b, and c axes). Additional interstitial sites with the distances between them 0.3-0.4 Å have been found along the a axis, while no such sites observed along the b and c axes. Activation energy (Ea) in the direction a is 0.47 eV and ?a(570 K) = 2.10-5 S/cm, which correspond to the super-ionic conductivity.
95-100 202
N-(2-hydroxy-5-nonylbenzyl)-ββ-dihydroxyethylamin is shown to appear the efficient extractant for the extraction of vanadium from the weak acidic solutions. Basic regularities the extraction of vanadium has been investigated. The re-extraction of vanadium from the organic phase by alkali and ammonia solutions has been carried out.
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The article is devoted to the Professor E.E. Lednikov's 75th birthday.

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