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Vol 6, No 4 (2011)
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3-19 223
This review is devoted to the results of concentrations oscillations phenomena study observed in the unsaturated compounds oxidative carbonylation reactions. These homogeneous reactions are catalyzed by metal complexes. The history of oscillations processes study is described, there theoretical and practical significance underlined. The wide description of the processes studying at the Department of chemical technology of basic organic synthesis in last years is brought. The first part of review is devoted to acetylene and phenylacetylene oxidative carbonylation processes describing.
20-27 262
Criterion of formation of possible entrainers set for extractive distillation process of binary mixtures containing minimum boiling azeotrope has been developed.
28-39 270
The current state of distillation technologies based on the use of complexes with fully and partially bound threads is described. Data on the energy efficiency of complexes are presented.
40-46 196
The system of two miscible liquids is presented as a generator of nanoparticles. This approach was tested experimentally with the synthesis of barium sulfate nanoparticles under non-equilibrium conditions after contact of perfectly miscible solutions as an example.The experimental results were compared with the dynamic model of transition layer. According to this model the smallest size of obtained particles is determined by the size of associates in the nucleation stage formed inside the rotating Bernard cells. The hypothesis of BaSO4 creation is based on the idea that the interface between a Bernard cell and the surrounding solution has barrier properties. The permeability of this barrier depends on the viscosity of the solution. The influence of the solvent polarity on the structure and size of nanoparticles was investigated. The dependence of the structure and size of the nanoparticles on the water/THF ratio was found. The influence of viscosity of the solution on the size of the nanoparticles was found and explained in terms of dynamic transition layer.
47-50 204
By means of modern software we have carried out estimation of parameters of Wilson, NRTL models and mathematical simulation of vapor-liquid equilibrium for the biazeotropic system isobutyl acetate - acetic acid. Besides, the evolution of biazeotropy in the given system was studied.
51-53 188
The obtained metal-polymer platinum/Nafion nanocomposite films exhibit high electrochemically active area and good catalyst utilization.
54-58 192
Palladium nanoparticles were synthesized on and in Nafion polymeric film by radiation-chemical reduction in reverse micelles solution. The effect of solubilization degree and water drop size on the nanoparticles formation is shown.


59-65 172
The structural and thermodynamic parameters of isomers of mono- and dianions of dicarba-nido-undecaborates were calculated by DFT (B3LYP/6-31G**, B3LYP/6-311+G**, M062X/6-311+G**, PCM/B3LYP/6-311+G**), MP2 (MP2/6-311+G**), G2MP2, G2 approximations.
66-71 198
Quantum chemical modeling of some processes, occurring upon extraction of rare and trace elements by organophosphorus acids, was performed. The initial state of a metal cation in the aqueous phase and of the extractant in a non-polar solvent is considered. A study of the basic channels of interaction of the activated forms of organophosphorus acids with the extracted metal cation was carried out.
72-76 238
In this work the requirements are shown for conversion branches of co-productions of methanol-hydrogen and methanol-ammonia. Analysis of existing methods of natural gas conversion was carried out. Using steam conversion and combined one, consisting of steam and steam-hydrogen conversion was shown to be expedient. Analysis of pipe-still heaters and mine reactors for natural gas conversion was carried out. Designs of reactors for natural gas conversion are offered.
77-81 172
In work the estimation of the basic sources of hydrocarbonaceous raw materials is made. The basic productions of the chemical industry using as raw materials synthesis gas, received by natural gas conversion are listed. Productions which can be aggregated in joint flow diagrammes are shown. Classification of co-productions of the chemical industry is offered.
82-84 212
Mixing an alcoholic extract of propolis with distilled water or aqueous solution, which model seawater composition, give rise to aqueous dispersions with or without emulsifier. High dispersion stability is attained at hydrophylic-lipophylic balance equaled 13.9 using sorbitan oleate and polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (Polysorbate-80) as a binary emulsifier. The initial particle size of dispersions is almost identical regardless of the presence of the emulsifier or water salinity. However, in the latter case a dispersion with essentially narrow size distribution is formed and, as a result, the dispersion is more resistant to coagulation and phase separation. Apparently, the main contribution to the stability of the aqueous propolis dispersion is made by the structural-mechanical barrier, which is formed by a thick adsorption layer of the hydrated nonionic surfactant.


85-88 171
The kinetics of styrene microemulsion formation in the presence of cetyl alcohol, n-dodecylmercaptan (n-DDM), and mixtures of both substances under conditions close to the emulsion polymerization was investigated. It was shown that cetyl alcohol and dodecylmercaptan differently influence under similar conditions on the intensity of the microdroplet creation on the phase boundary and on the rate of polymerization. It was shown that the concentration of n-DDM in the place of the polymerization corresponds to its value in the polymerization recipe only in the case of presence of more surface-active emulsifiers than n-DDM.
89-92 213
Influence of molecular characteristics on the kinetics of contraction of epoxy oligomers and their mixes upon solidification was investigated. The generalised dependences of the volume shrinkage of epoxy oligomers and their mixes on average MW at the time of gelation beginning and gel time were obtained.
93-96 193
The method of latex agglutination was used to develop express diagnostics of the most extended groups of drugs (opiates, cannabinoides and barbiturates). The new reliable, quick and low-cost method of diagnostics confirms the drug abuse ntoxication for the groups of the substances mentioned above.
97-101 224
The introduction of ionic and non-ionic surfactants in different phases of the system significantly influences the colloidal-chemical characteristics of surfactants, the properties of the initial emulsion, the kinetics of styrene polymerization, the size of latex particles and their size distribution.


102-104 158
The thermal response of a two-layer disc with an inner circular indention was studied. The regularities of the thermoelastic stresses upon thermal heating of the boundary circular surfaces of the disk were determined.
105-110 323
Automated information system of movables' monitoring is suggested for the information support of modernization of budget institutions of higher professional education. The monitoring information system is a software application in an integrated database of inventory sheets extracted from materials accounting systems.
111-112 212
A calculating formula to solve Poisson equation with boundary conditions conforming to its exact solution is proposed. In this formula an inhomogeneous term is replaced by Laplace operator in a revolved coordinate system. The numerical solution received by this formula is considerably more accurate than the solution with using of the tradition form inclusive the inhomogeneous term.
113-115 180
The article describes the main principles and a model of ecological-economic analysis of the best available technology. It is shown that when choosing a technology, one must take into account the influence exerted on the environment by the processes associated with the production of the materials used, raw materials and energy, as well as the aftereffects caused by waste products.
116-117 171
This article is about supplementary possibilities of optimization method for the netplans calculation that allows to take in consideration a row of limitations that can happen in real conditions of management industrial and other economic systems.
118-125 188
The review covers some aspects of boron chemistry, its influence on the human organism, methods of boron disposal from water, and prospects of technologies for boron removal from water in the Russian Federation. Most attention is concentrated on modern ion-exchange and membrane technologies of boron removal. The possibilities of ion-exchange resins and boron-selective membranes from different manufacturers are considered. Factors affecting their selectivity for boron compounds in aqueous solutions are briefly described.

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