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Synthesis of benzotetraazaadamantanes and their derivatives

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The condensation of three-components formaldehyde and mixture of ammonia and o-phenylenediamine gave novel 4-bеnzо-1,3,6,8-tetraazatricyclo[3.3.113,8]-4- undecane 5 а which was identified it’s structure by x-ray crystallographic and 1 Н NMR and MS spectroscopy methods

About the Authors

A. H. Shukkur

Russian Federation

A. I. Kuznetsov

Russian Federation


1. Камара Кекуре, Кузнецов А.И. //Ученые Записки МИТХТ. – 2003. – Вып. 8. – С.78-79.

2. Зубаиров М..М., Вишняков И.Ф., Котляров В.М., Кузнецов А.И. и др. //Патент РФ №2123337 от 20.12.1998.

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Shukkur A.H., Kuznetsov A.I. Synthesis of benzotetraazaadamantanes and their derivatives. Fine Chemical Technologies. 2006;1(6):84-86. (In Russ.)

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