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Vol 2, No 1 (2007)
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3-14 306
Article is devoted to analysis of researches in the field of fundamental bases of technology of complex multicomponent mixes division for last 40 years
15-17 173
The method suggested in the article makes it possible to calculate by analytics the parameters of the drying agent at the moment of its going out of the real dryer at the certain terminal (final) air temperature or humidity. The method concerned dives an opportunity to refuse from using I-x diagram
18-25 168
Feasibility study of the fractional smelting continuum process by the means of a calorific pump with a closed cycle on the working substance is provided in this article. It is shown that the usage of the calorific pump allows decreasing significantly power inputs for realization of the studied process.


26-33 233
Scientific and conceptual basis of the new Master’s program “Technology of biopharmaceuticals” has been proposed. The development is illustrated by the use of a general organizational approach, which provides training of scientific and technological brain-power in the field of technology of biopharmaceuticals. This approach consists in integration of the fundamental science represented by leading Russian academic and industrial centers of the medicinal and biological sphere and of the higher school.
34-39 171
On the basis of system approach using a multi-level structure of educational programs and directional innovation activity, ways of modernization of the traditional biotechnological education to knowledge-intensive level, formation of a modern educational system and a new integrated structure – Russian innovation complex for development and realization of unified educational scientific process of personnel development up to the world standard in the field of biotechnology – have been proposed


40-48 196
The multivariate regressive analysis is used for statistical processing of experimental data in long-term durability of polymers. The most important statistical models of temperature-temporary dependence of durability (model of Jurkov and model of Regel-Ratner) were formulated. Formulas for finding statistical estimations of regresses coefficients and of physical parameters of durability were received. The full statistical analysis of models was carried out. In theory the problem of distinction statistical model of Jurkov from model of Regel-Ratner was solved. Thus, the problem of displacement of pole in temperature-temporary dependence of durability was solved.
49-56 198
The method of construction of optimum regressive model of temperature-temporary dependence, basing on principles of multivariate regressive analyses was proposed. Calculating experiment, simulating real conditions of tests of durability was carried out and quasi-experimental data, which were exposed statistical processing by the use of proposed method, were received. Reality of effect of displacement of pole was proved and, thus, old controversy on the occasion of this effect was finished. After the example of polymers polyethylene and polymethylmetacrilat it was showed, that of temperature-temporary dependence of polyethylene is described by model of Jurkov and temperature-temporary dependence of polymethylmetacrilat - by model of Regel-Ratner with displacement of pole.
57-60 298
The thermal reaction of infinite disc with internal round neck was studied. The law of thermal elastic stresses with thermal heating was established on surface neck.
61-69 199
The criterions and the activities for the estimation of the last ecological damage was offered based on the peculiar properties of the formed anthropological burden on the environment. The estimation of the risk from the last ecological damage of the basic industries of the Kemerovo region was realized, taking into consideration the offered approach. The economic estimation of the last ecological damage was carried out by example of the closed chemical industry enterprises.
70-82 185
The transition of Russia to “opened economy” contributed to the development of national economy mostly oriented on export of raw materials as well as to reduction of science consuming branches of chemical industry. In order to change such situation the concept of “institutional” economy is proposed. This concept will permit to restore the diversified complex of science consuming branches of Russian economy on the new system basis and simultaneously to solve the respective environmental, social and economic problems of chemical industry.
83-88 212
Our research of russian market of gas-analyzers for monitoring gases which are polluting the environment by chemical and oil-chemical manufacturing companies, such as:  CO<sub>2</sub>, SO<sub>2</sub>, NO<sub>2</sub> and NH<sub>3</sub>.

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