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Vol 6, No 1 (2011)
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3-21 277
The aim of our work is to analyze nanocomposite gels consisting of water-soluble organic polymers and inorganic nanostructures; to compare the synthesis methods, the formed bonds, the structure, as well as to establish the relationship between the synthesis conditions and the structure and properties.
22-25 214
To substitute the foreign filtering membrane Millipore FSLW, which currently in use on some of Russian and Ukrainian NPP the nonwoven fibrous material, obtained by means of electrospinning from spinning solutions of mixtured fluoropolymers F-42 and SKF-26, have been produced. The influence of polymer ratio on fibrous material properties was investigated.
26-32 225
It is shown that at research of such relaxation characteristics as the tangent of angle of mechanical losses, dissipation of mechanical energy as a result of the internal friction measured at periodic action of monoaxial pressure of compression on the sample of a polymer (LDPE) in the high-elasticity state, development of relaxation processes occurs in the sample. In this connection it is necessary to consider the temperature-time conditions of the experiment.
33-36 205
Mechanical properties of composites based on polyethylene and rubber powder (10-800 µm) at high temperature (20-80°C) was investigated. The tensile strength of the composites within the rubber powder content from 36 to 66 vol. % practically does not change as filing rate increases, but decreases as temperature rises. The influence of rubber powder concentration on deformation at rapture is determined by investigation temperature.
37-42 232
The article considers stretching of liquid polyacrylonitrile jet in electrostatic field. Polymers with molecular weight from 130 000 to 700 000 were investigated. Regularities of stretching of the jet based on polyacrylonitrile solutions were determined.


43-53 298
The approaches to the formation of a set of possible entrainers for extractive distillation of the binary mixture benzene - cyclohexane are considered. The approaches are based on the analyses of concentration dependence of different excess thermodynamic functions.
54-60 246
Schemes of energy saving by utilization of phase transformation heat in processes of granulation and capsulation by crystallization of melts drops were suggested and analyzed. The positive effects of energy saving due to introduction of heat pumps into the technological scheme were estimated. The calculations were made for granulation and capsulation of ammonium nitrate, carbamide, KNO3, NaOH, KOH, sulfur, and slag of phosphorus furnaces and blast-furnaces.
61-73 252
The importance of relative volatility of components and α-manifolds closely associated with this magnitude for investigation and revelation of qualitative and quantitative regularities of rectification of multicomponent ideal and non-ideal zeotropic mixtures is shown.
74-78 250
Results of experimental and analytical research of spray freeze-dried powders of dextran, mannitol and a drug based on phospholipids are presented. The results include data on drying kinetics, SEM, porosity analysis, and the phospholipids' size distribution.


79-81 215
The paper considers the Saint-John-Bloch model and proves that this model is applicable for describing phase equilibrium in binary systems formed by pentachlorides of d-elements of groups V, Vl, Vll of the periodic system and lanthanide chlorides. The dependence of the possibility of forming solid solutions in LnCl3-Ln'Cl3 on the atomic number of a lanthanide was found.
82-86 221
The results of Cd(II) and Pb(II) signals measurement at mercury-graphite electrodes upon the formation (changing coatings) and those of investigated solutions were compared. Trace amounts of depolarizers were found in samples of treated waste water.
87-89 238
Value orientations, professional aspirations, life principles and problems of a number of excellent MITHT students connected with the studying and up-bringing process and the system of further job placement are exposed.
90-94 196
The article is dedicated to consideration of particularities of shaping a creatively developed personality of a student, as well as to shaping new principles of preparation of a modern specialist. The article is based on results of interviews carried out in May-July 2008-2010 in the context of the project «Developing new educational programs and vocational training of personnel in the field of nanotechnology and nanosystems on the basis of competency approach and integration processes» Special attention is paid to the key directions of professional orientation of high school students, professional formation conforming to the requirements of the modern economy, understanding of needs of the labour market, as well as acquisition of universal knowledge and practical skills required in order to successfully work and to be needed in the labour market.
95-97 200
The article deals with some lexical and grammar features of chemical science prose. The wide use of «noun + noun» structures, passive constructions and participle II in attribute groups has been observed.
98-100 211
The article describes some means of the referent individualization in the English language. The analysis has shown that there is a ramified system of explicit and implicit means of the referent individualization marked by the definite article in English.
101-103 193
In the paper in accordance with philosophical tradition to discern notions of knowledge and belief specific traits of contexts using these notions are exposed. Perspectives of construction rational theory of discussion about believes are evaluated.
104-107 163
The article deals with the use of indefinite article with proper nouns. The role of proper nouns in a sentence is investigated. Three types of interpretation of proper nouns are given.
107-108 192
The article deals with the use of the definite article with proper nouns that are correlated with adverbs, nouns groups or relative pronouns which serve to determine the referent. The role of the referent is schematically illustrated.
109-124 196
On the 29th of May The Young People Scientific and Technical Festival took place in M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology. The Festival was sponsored by the authorities of the Western Administrative District (WAD) and the Moscow Family and Youth Policy Department. The main aim of the Festival was to bring to light the topical research on various subjects. It also helped to stimulate and develop the further scientific research carried out by students, postgraduates and young scientists from institutes and universities, lyceums and schools. The researches were represented by students from M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, M.V. Lomonosov MSU, MIREI, MAMI, Lavochkin FSUE SPA, AWSR, MESI, SEE UYT «Solntsevo», Khrunichev SCSPC.

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