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A distinctive feature of enterprises for extracting and processing uranium ore is the inevitable pollution by solid, liquid and gaseous waste. The amount of radioactive waste (RW) is most significant in the nuclear fuel cycle. In spite of its relatively low activity it is the major contributor to the formation of radiation hazards to the people and environment. The radioactivity of uranium ores and of their processing waste is due to natural radionuclides of uranium (238U and 235U) and thorium (232Th) radioactive decay chains.

About the Authors

R. E. Kuzin
Moscow Technological University (Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies); Russian Resesrch Institute for Chemical Technology of National Corporation "RosAtom"; Federal State Unitary Enterpraise "RosRAO" Moscow
Russian Federation

Moscow, 119571 Russia 

Moscow, 119017 Russia

S. N. Brykin
Federal State Unitary Enterpraise "RosRAO"
Russian Federation
Moscow, 119017 Russia

T. N. Tairov
Russian Federation
Saint-Petersburg, 197348 Russia


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Kuzin R.E., Brykin S.N., Tairov T.N. SOURCES OF RADIOACTIVE WASTE IN LEACH PLANTS PROCESSING URANIUM ORES. Fine Chemical Technologies. 2016;11(5):21-25.

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