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Periodic Table of chemical elements and Soviet atomic project

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The Soviet atomic project, also known as the nuclear shield, is a true triumph of the Periodic Law. Unlike other global projects, it covers the entire Periodic Table of chemical elements: from the first element of the table (hydrogen) to the last one at the time of the project’s completion (plutonium). The article, based on rare open publications, describes the main stages and chemical-technological issues surrounding the creation of atomic and thermonuclear weapons - the main goal of the nuclear shield New fundamental results of the chemistry and technology of isotopes of hydrogen, lithium, beryllium, polonium, uranium, and plutonium have been obtained that could significantly expand the Periodic Table of chemical elements.

About the Author

R. E. Kusin
All-Russian Research Institute of Chemical Technology
Russian Federation

Rudolf E. Kuzin - Dr. of Sci. (Engineering), Professor, Chief Researcher of the Radiation Control Laboratory.

33, Kashirskoe shosse, Moscow 115409

Competing Interests: not


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