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Rheological properties and rheokinetic of Hardening of modified thermoset oligomeres


Modification of epoxy resins of silicon ethers (tethraetoxysilane – TEOS, and ethylsilicate – ET-40) was investigated. Phase diagrams of mixtures were given by the turbidity points method. It was shown that TEOS and epoxy resins form solutions or emulsions but ET-40 form solutions only. Experimentally found viscosity decreasing with changing of mixtures content was described by mathematical model that accounted rheological behavior of the solutions and emulsions. The rheokinetic studying of the hardening of source and modifying epoxy resins showed that the viscosity rise during the hardening process was connected with the increase of their molecules length and may be calculated by wellknown power equation and was determined by phase structure of mixtures

About the Authors

H. V. Taranenko

Russian Federation

L. B. Kandyrin

Russian Federation


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Taranenko H.V., Kandyrin L.B. Rheological properties and rheokinetic of Hardening of modified thermoset oligomeres. Fine Chemical Technologies. 2008;2(1):81-87.

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